Sewer Operation News

The District has once again solved some infiltration and problems that lead to extra clear water flows that were coming from a private development on the west end of the lake. This will help reduce flows and costs. HOWEVER, now is the time the illegal sump pumps show their flow and we see our flows jump up. We can tell which homes are doing this and we are going to be implementing heavy fines to the residents that have their sump pumps hooked up to the sanitary sewer. I strongly recommend having a plumber change your connection, or fix it yourself. Sump pumps are to drain this clear water to the outside of your property to the lawn area or storm sewer NOT the sanitary sewer.

[From the April LPSD Newsletter]

Please Don’t Cause Sewer Alarms – They Cost You Money

The pump chart below shows a long pump run at station #7, which means the pump has debris caught up in it.

Sta # 7 long pump run

These long pump runs eventually cause pump failures. Flushing rags and other debris (like feminine products) down the toilet creates alarms and emergency calls to staff to respond, costing you and all the people in the district $ money!!

Sewer Alarm at Station #7

Alarm at Station #7 turns “RED” and creates an emergency call to staff


Read about how this debris clogs pumps and creates emergency’s that require staff to respond. See what is involved to correct the problem and how you can help avoid it and help keep the District user fees down.

Watch a video of maintenance staff removing and cleaning a pump.


Watch a video of the maintenance staff cleaning out the rags in the pump.


Sewer Pipes Do Not Like Cleaning Rags

Pump Clog at Station 6

Pump clog from cleaning rags being flushed down the toilet causing emergency alarms.

This time of year we can have sewer pump clogging issues typically due to cleaning up homes and throwing the rags into the toilet. Don’t just guess that the rags are toilet friendly. All rags and disposable towels seem to cause problems; none of them are pump friendly. Toilet paper is toilet and pump friendly. Help us keep the District fee down, tell your cleaners to take their rags with them or dispose of them properly in a garbage can.

User Fee Increase

The new rate for our quarterly sewer user fee will be $100.00 starting with the April 1st billing. The user fee covers the operations and maintenance of the sewer. The costs to the district are always rising, due to gas and oil prices and increased maintenance of our aging system. However, even with a small rate increase, the District still has one of the lowest rates in the area.