9th Annual Walleyes for Tomorrow Ice Fishery Fundraiser – February 19th at Curlys Waterfront


The 2021 Ice Fishery will be held at Curlys Waterfront. As of January 24th, we have 10-12″ or so of ice and the weather is going to be cold this coming week which will help the ice conditions, however ice condition vary and change daily and no ice is safe ice. This fishery is a fund raiser for the benefit of Pewaukee Lake and the fisheries of Wisconsin. Green tickets will be sold for the main raffle. They are available at Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District, Dick Smiths Bait Shop, The Beer Depot and at BP Pantry 41. Fill them out and give them the money. I will get the tickets from them. I will not accept any tickets without the money to go with them. The main prizes are: 65″ T.V., $500 cash and $300 cash – you do not need to be present to win for these items.

We will also have some really nice “Red bucket Items” to raffle. These will be sold out in Curlys Waterfront after 10 a.m. or so. On the list of prizes as of today is a Vexilar FLX 28, an Aquaview underwater Camera, a yeti cooler, a large booze wagon, scratch of ticket basket and whatever else rolls in the door from now till the ice fishery date. We are always looking for donations.

Fishing starts at 6:30 am and promptly ends at 3 p.m. sharp. No fish can be registered if you are not signed up and have purchased some green tickets at the Walleye Wagon located at the Lakeview Boulevard Boat Launch by Curlys Waterfront. Curlys will be open early for bloody Marys and Mugshotz will be open by 9 a.m. for breakfasts.

Fish prizes will be: largest legal Pike (min. size 32″), Largest legal Bass (min. size 14″) winner will be by total length a tie breaker will be by weight. Largest crappie, largest Blue gill, largest Sunfish (pumpkin seed), largest Perch and largest rough fish (dog fish, mud puppy, carp, bull head or we’ll even count a clam). These will be length first and any tie will be by weight as a tie breaker. Any folks who take all this too seriously and start whining, cheating, or causing disruptive behavior will be removed from the premises.

The Main ticket raffle (light blue tickets) prizes you do not have to be present to win. The red bucket ticket items you have to be present to win. These raffles will start at approximately 4 p.m. after the fish prizes are called off.

If you drive out a vehicle, use your head and park 20 yards away from another vehicle!!! Remember no ice is safe ice, you are all at your own risk!

Pewaukee Lake Access Launch Construction

Waukesha County Launch on Pewaukee Lake

Waukesha County will be reconstructing the launch at the Pewaukee Lake Access site. Dates and details subject to change. Check back for project updates.

The construction project has been planned for the end of the boating season to try to minimize the impact on lake users.

There are two other launch accesses to Pewaukee Lake, but parking is limited. See locations on the Wisconsin DNR website.

September 20, 2021 Site and facilities will close
Reconstruction project begins
December 2021 Project completion anticipated

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