ACH Payment Program

If you signed up for ACH Automatic Withdrawal(Direct Payment) for your quarterly sewer bill, you will still receive a quarterly bill. On the bill above your name and address it will say “Direct Payment of $0.00” (Dollar amount will be the balance owed on your account). So if you have 1 Rue(house) and are current, it will show $121.00 rate per quarter for 2021.

“SIGNUP FOR ACH PAYMENTS” – Included with the bill and newsletter, for anyone that has not yet signed up for ACH, was a yellow Authorization ACH Payment form and a return envelope.

If you have any questions, call 262-691-4485.


Temporary/seasonal. 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.. Monday through Friday. Waders supplied. Job entails walking the shorelines of Pewaukee Lake with a pitch fork to help load aquatic plants on the barges for removal from the lake & shoreline. Possible operation of Shore Barges & Harvesters. Must be able to work in & tolerate unfavorable weather conditions. The temporary/seasonal employee must have a valid driver’s license.

Excellent opportunity for anyone interested in working on the lake.


Rate of pay: $12.00/Hour

Please either apply at Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District, N25 W27534 Oak Street between the hours of 8-12 or 1-3 or you can request an application on

Any questions, either call 262-691-4485 or send an email to

User Fee Increase

The new rate for our quarterly sewer user fee will be $121.00 starting with the April 1st billing. The user fee covers the operations and maintenance of the sewer. The costs to the district are always rising, due to gas and oil prices and increased maintenance of our aging system. However, even with a small rate increase, the District still has one of the lowest rates in the area.