Sewer Pipes Do Not Like Cleaning Rags

Pump Clog at Station 6

Pump clog from cleaning rags being flushed down the toilet causing emergency alarms.

This time of year we can have sewer pump clogging issues typically due to cleaning up homes and throwing the rags into the toilet. Don’t just guess that the rags are toilet friendly. All rags and disposable towels seem to cause problems; none of them are pump friendly. Toilet paper is toilet and pump friendly. Help us keep the District fee down, tell your cleaners to take their rags with them or dispose of them properly in a garbage can.

Lake Clean-up Summary 2013

It was another heavy year with the aquatic plants on the lake. Clean-up crews worked through October cutting, picking up shorelines and doing pile pick up. We have included a chart that shows the volume of aquatic plants taken out of the lake over the years and how these last few years compare to the previous high growth cycles.

The total volume of aquatic plants removed from the lake equates to 7,438.50 cubic yards. Below is a graph of the volumes of aquatic plant removal over the past 25 years. The tallest spikes are the combined volumes of all the methods of the districts removal operations (the harvesters, shore barges and pile pick up). As you can see 2013 was another heavy year for aquatic plant growth.

Aquatic Plant Harvesting Chart 1

Aquatic Plant Harvesting Chart 1

The 2013 Pewaukee Lake weed harvest and removal season concluded with the harvesting of 306.5 harvester loads, the shore removal of 616.5 loads, and the Monday and Friday pile pick-up of 118.5 transport loads, all primarily of Eurasian Milfoil. We removed a total of 240 dump truck loads and 23 trailer loads. Additionally, in a cooperative effort with the Village of Pewaukee, we dumped 23 transporter loads at the Village facilities during our lake wide pile pick-up. According to LPSD records thru 1988, and excluding the extraordinary weed year of 2012, this is the highest number of harvester and dump truck loads since 1990. This is the highest amount of shore removal to date.

This season saw a significant infestation of filamentous algae around the perimeter of the western basin that fortunately diminished as the summer progressed. The eastern basin saw a lessened weed mat in the Kopmeier and Parkside shorefront areas that was offset by a substantial mat off of Peterson and Woodland. To accommodate boat traffic, a channel was cut from the Peterson buoy line towards Bauer’s Island buoy line.

The majority of floating weeds this year were removed from the shores of Kopmeier, Parkside (which for our purposes includes Hillside Grove), Taylors Woods (which for our purposes extends from Taylors Bay to “sandy point”), Woodland, and Peterson. Harvesting was done most heavily in Peterson, Woodland, Kopmeier, Starky Bay, and Buena Vista.

Below is a summary of loads removed and full, or partial, days spent in specific areas. It’s important to note that equipment may begin on a shore line and weather, wind, or completion of the assignment will cause movement to another location, yet still appear as a “day”. Approximately 25 harvester loads from the channel cut off of Peterson is reflected in the Peterson total.

Summary of Harvester Loads for 2013

Summary of Harvester Loads for 2013

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Lake Equipment

yellow weed harvester

The weed harvesters are yellow.

The Harvesters (weed cutters) are Yellow. They are cutting on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Typically “as a rule of thumb” the harvesters do not cut on Fridays so we can focus on cleaning up the cut weeds (the floaters) to prep the lake for the recreational users over the weekend whether you are sailing, fishing, skiing or just on a scenic cruise. Once in a while if it’s too windy for shore clean-up, or we are caught up on cleaning up floaters, we run the harvesters in a calm bay to keep working at removing as many aquatic plants as possible.

Orange shore barge

The shore barges are orange.

The Shore Barge crew works hard.

The Shore Barge crew works hard.

The Shore Barges (weed pick up – floaters and shorelines) are Orange. They are out every weekday, weather permitting, picking up floating weeds and weeds along the shoreline.

Blue transporters

The transporters for the weed pile pickup are blue.

The Transporters are Blue. They are out every weekday weather permitting, and they are used for unloading Harvesters and Shore barges to transport the weeds across the lake. They hook up to the conveyor which loads the weeds into Big Red (the big red dump truck). The Transporters are also heavily utilized in pile pickups on Mondays and Fridays.

All equipment and lake staff are scheduled daily based on weed status and wind directions. The schedules are always subject to weather conditions. Old Mother Nature can shut us down at any time. While we will work in rain and fairly windy conditions, we pull the crews off the lake when the winds get too strong and/or lightning is observed in the area.

Remember if you want your shoreline looking mint for the Holiday weekend (or any weekend), help us, help you, by stacking the weeds in piles for Fridays pile pick up. Remember to stack the weeds where they are accessible for pick up with our large Shore barge or transporters.